Innovation is TinkerHub's relegion. We would love to work with innovaters to make their idea happen.

Hardware workshops

How to play with robots and IOT devices

Fourth industrila revolution is happening. Robots are taking care of eerything around. All devices are becming smart and IOT. There are a lot of opertunities coming on this way. These workshops are an introduction to such technologies. Being with the right communities are the best way to grow. TinkerHub comnnect you to the right communities and people working in the hardware maker space.

tinkerers at play
tinkerers at play

Maker sessions

Where maker community get together

Maker sessions are a great way to meet new people


Maker Shipment programme

Showcase your makes in national and international fests

TinkerHub is helping excellent makers to attend national and international maker programms. This include application filing suport to travel support.Most of the time indian makers build excellent stuff and fail to document better. We are having volunteers to help you in making a better documentation and blog. We haven't launched this programme yet. Subscribe our newsletter to get updated on this programme.

tinkerers at play