“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.

Student entrepreneurship 101

How to startup from college ?

This E-book will help you understand how to work with your startup idea as a student. This will include starting up fromcollege in an indian ecosystem. The main focus here will be acquring the kind of skills needed to run a startup. How to learn it and get into a incubator or accelerator. This can be considered as a validation of the idea too. This Book will include tips and tricks to get into a incubator or accelerator. We will soon publish the book. Subscribe to our news letter to Know more.

tinkerers at play
tinkerers at play

Design thinking workshop

How to build products that people would buy

Design Thinking as a tool and process is becoming popular in the world of Business today. Organizations of all types from large multinationals to small and medium companies use Design Thinking to innovate and give a fresh approach to Problem Solving. The emphasis here are the Human-Centered Design and empathy driven solutions. Promoted widely by design firms like IDEO and Stanford University’s D School, Design Thinking is now on the must know tools of all major companies. The course looks at the different aspects of Design Thinking and can be seen as a new approach better suited for dealing with new approach to Innovation. Though designing, as a craft requires years of dedicated education and talent, this workshop does not require a prior experience in Design and is open to anyone with a desire to learn new techniques of innovation.