The Community

Say Hello to our group of like minded tinkerers

Like Minded Tinkerers, Like Minded action

We made stuff together, we shared our knowledge, held parties, and showed off. This is the community behind TinkerHub, the group of like minded Tinkerers working together to spread the culture. You could be a part too.

tinkerers at play


City lead, Branch.IO


Chithambara Moorthi

Hardware geek


Neethu Sajeevan

Editor, TinkerHub Newsletter


Saarang Sumesh

The youngest maker at MIT fabconf


Fausya Amal

Qualcomm scholarship winner


Vinayan Hari

CTO, Tinkerhub Community


Nitin Vasanth

Hardware hacker. The Brain Guy


Sanket Thakur

Community lead, Udacity Kochi


Irene George

Creative Head, TinkerHub Community


Syam Kumar

Community Growth Hacker


Shreyans Jain

Volunteer, Headstart Foundation


Shahin Abdulla

Unconventional Android geek