TinkerHub Leadership Bootcamp is a two day immersive learning program. Students who are leading the IEDC activities are brought together for pear learning and exposure. Tools like Campus innovation model canvas will be introduced to students to structure IEDC and related activities. Industry experts and startup founders will be taking sessions.

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Abhid Aboobacker

Abid is an ideapreneur who codes and designs experience. He has led major technology community initiatives like maker party kochi,Mozbus,Mozilla Kerala. He is one of the co-founder of tinkerhub


Mehar co-founded tinkerhub while he was studying at CUSAT. He believes that creating young leadership in technology is the key in the formation of future of kerala. He currently leads the activities of Kerala Startup Mission.

Nithin Vasanth

Nitin is a celebrated innovator who received the gandhian young technological innovation award for the year 2017. His innovative project, titled Neuro Buds, is conceptualised on a brainwave mapping smart earphone, which can detect brain signals. He is currently guiding/mentoring student innovator in the state

Praveen Sridhar

Praveen is excited by the concept of learning which led him to the founding of the tinkerhub community. He was the recipient of google summer-of-code 2014. He is also an AI researcher who received a number of fellowships like tif, kairos etc

Syam Kumar V.G

Syam believes that peer learning is the best way of learning. Thus he co-founded session@4 while he was studying at CUSAT. He drives lot of communities around technology. He is also the founder of the tech company Finotes

Gopikrishnan Sasikumar

Gopi is a striking personality who has embraced the challenges of life to build himself up. He single-handedly created the community of technical enthusiasts in RIT, Pampady. A proud expert in developing campus innovative culture