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TinkerHub Technology innovation Foundation

What we do and Why we do

At TinkerHub we provide an open platform for students and other Technology enthusiast to get together, Brainstorm ideas, Share learnings and experiment cool hacks. Regular workshops help beginners get detailed insights into newer technologies and Electronics wizardry. Expert Guides see to it that each project gets completed even through the most complex roadblocks. This helps the students take on any project without second thoughts. Regular visits by industry leaders and tech evangelists ensure that the students get enough mentorship and Guidance when needed. The TinkerHub Knowledge network help identify potential opportunity for the students like fellowships, Internship and Hackathons. This gives a great exposure for the students helping them build their soft skills and find their true potential. We believe these soft skills and technological know how are more important than a regular degree in this new technology age. Garnering these skills are just as important as mainstream college education. The platform , The community and the support ecosystem together helps the students come out to learn skills that matter on their own.

tinkerers at play
tinkerers at play

The TinkerHub Story

How we started this amazing journey

The MAKER PARTY hosted by CITTIC at CUSAT in 2014 was a grand success than expected. It was found people were genuinly interested to learn newer technologies but was limited in resource and support system. Tinkerhub was started with aim to provide this resource and support system for anyone intrested to learn technology. The peer to peer learning model and Online resource materials helped give shape to a new disruptive model of skill garnering.


One year at TinkerHub

The amazing things TinkerHub community have done

The Community which started of as a hangout for a group of friends intrested in sharing technology updates today has grown upto a strong 1000+ member community of change makers. Over Rs 60,OO,OOO worth of scholarships, prizes and internships was won by the members of the community. Various startups that spun of the Tinkerhub community are now in the best of accelorators across the country. Download the yearly Report for more.

tinkerers at play